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Today's Pool Hours - 12p to 6p  
Rules & Policies
Northbrook Country Club


  • All facility privileges are limited to members and their immediate family living in the same household.
  • For your safety and the safety of others, the lifeguard staff, pool management and the members of the Northbrook Board of Directors are authorized and directed to enforce all of the rules contained in this document as well our BYLAWS.
  • Membership at Northbrook Country Club begins once dues are paid in full and generally run one year from May 1 through April 30.
  • Members must check-in at the check-in stand with a staff member using their last name. All family members must check-in upon their arrival.
  • Members are allowed usage of the following amenities with stated restrictions:
    • Wading pool – limited to children age 7 and younger and their parents; the wading pool is not attended by lifeguards and therefore every child must be watched by an adult with responsibility for the welfare of the child.
    • Playground – limited to children age 12 and younger
    • Tennis Courts – members may use the courts at all times, however lessons and team play hours have priority. Adults have priority over children on the weekends.
    • Main pool – open to members and their guests and operated by the lifeguard and coaching staffs using the following rules.


Northbrook Pool Operating Hours*

Monday – 10am-8pm
Tuesday – 10am-8pm
Wednesday – 12noon-8pm
Thursday – 10am-8pm
Friday – 10am-9pm
Saturday – 10am-8pm
Sunday – 11am-8pm

*Exceptions include:

  • The pool will close early on some Tuesdays (for three home swim meets each summer; pool will close at 4:00pm to set-up) and some Thursdays (for home dive meets; pool will close at 4:45pm to set-up).
  • The pool will close early (5pm) on the date of the All- Sports Banquet (late July).
  • The pool may remain open until 10pm for some late night family social events. All members are invited to attend these fun evening parties.
  • The pool hours may be abbreviated when public school resumes each August. Weekday hours are reduced to 3:30-7pm on school days.
  • Northbrook often operates during the two weekends following the Labor Day holiday weekend. Hours for those “extra” weekends are 12noon-6pm.
  • Inclement weather events (lightning, thunder, rain) may require that the pool and tennis courts be closed.

Rules & Policies



  • Guests must be registered at the check-in stand by a member and the member must remain on the premises while any guests are in attendance. Guests are anyone who does not reside in the same household as the member.
  • A guest fee is owed for each guest brought to the facility and must be paid upon entering the facility at the check-in stand. Guest fees may pre-purchased here. Guest charges are as follows:
    • Under 2 years and over age 65 – No Charge
    • Childcare providers (one per family) – $25
    • In Town/Out-of-Town Guests – $5 per guest
  • Virtual Punch cards good for 10 guest visits can be purchased by members for $25. Punch cards (which provide 10 visits at $2.50 per visit) are a substantial savings on the regular $5 rate. Punch cards cannot be used on holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day).
  • Members are allowed up to 9 guests during any one visit. 10 or more guests at a time is considered a private party and subject to a pool rental contract which must be arranged in advance with Northbrook due to the need for additional lifeguards and to schedule pool use.
  • All birthday parties conducted at the pool require a rental arrangement. Check the website Rentals tab for more information.


Northbrook allows member families one childcare provider who may attend the pool at a $25 charge to look after member children with the following stipulations:

  • All childcare providers are registered as a Childcare Provider on the website.
  • Childcare providers must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Childcare providers, if not members, do not have member privileges.
  • Non-member childcare providers cannot bring guests to the pool unless approved by the Northbrook Board of Directors.


Many of Northbrook’s Pool Rules are required by Wake County in order to maintain our right to operate a swimming pool. Please note that our staff is charged with enforcing these rules and they have the right to eject anyone from the facility for continued violation of these rules:

  • Pets are not allowed inside the Northbrook grounds defined as the fenced in area. Requests for the admittance of service animals must be approved by the Northbrook Board of Directors.
  • Glassware and items made of glass are not allowed on the Northbrook grounds. Should glass be introduced into the swimming pool facility by a member or their guest, the member is liable for all costs associated with draining, cleaning and refilling the swimming pool and chemically treating the pool back to safe levels.
  • Beverages may be consumed on the pool deck but not while in the swimming pools or within three feet of the edge of the pool. Please use trash receptacles and recycling bins provided when you have finished with any containers.
  • Mixed drinks are prohibited on club property. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at club hosted sporting events.
  • Northbrook is a NON-SMOKING facility. To protect the health and safety of swimmers, participants, and attendees, neither smoking nor vaping with e- cigarettes will be allowed within the pool grounds.
  • It is a state law that all swimming pool patrons take a shower prior to entering our swimming pools.
  • During operating hours, a lifeguard must be present on the stand in order for members to be in the main pool. A minimum of two lifeguards will be provided when swimmers occupy both the deep and shallow ends of the pool. If there is a supervised activity such as the swim team or dive team occurring under the watch of our qualified coaches, no lifeguard is required. No swimming is allowed when team practice is occurring if no lifeguard is present on the stand.
  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the pool at all times. Street clothes are not allowed in the pool. Swim diapers must be worn by all infants and non-potty trained toddlers using either pool. Parents are asked to see that children use the restroom on all pool breaks.
  • Lost and Found articles are gathered nightly by our staff and will be available for up to two weeks prior to donating items to charity.
  • All children age 10 and younger must be accompanied by an adult, childcare provider or sibling age 12 or older when on the pool grounds. Although Northbrook allows children to attend the pool unsupervised beginning at age 11, this privilege can be revoked should any child require continual discipline or problems arise with any particular child. Should a minor be left at the pool unattended, our staff should be provided with a parent’s contact information in case we need to contact the parent.
  • The Northbrook Snack Bar operates for all Northbrook members and guests. The snack bar opens daily when the pool opens and closes one hour prior to the pool closure. The snack bar operates on a cash basis only.
  • In order to maintain the cleanliness of the pool and pool deck, we ask that food items be consumed only at umbrella tables, picnic tables and dining tables throughout the facility. Please leave your area clean and free of trash when you depart.
  • Only snack bar staff, management and board members are allowed inside the snack bar.
  • Lead Mine Creek and other undeveloped areas of the property are off-limits at all times.
  • The lifeguard’s word is final. Please do not distract them from performing their primary job which is member safety. The lifeguard’s will utilize whistle blasts to signify the following:
    • Three blasts – indicates that the Emergency Action Plan is in effect. 911 will be summoned, our staff will go into immediate action, and all patrons should clear the pool immediately.
    • One long blast – indicates the need to clear the pool. The long blast is used each evening at closing time, to indicate adult swims (10 minute breaks during which those under age 18 must exit the pool), and to clear the pool whendangerous weather conditions are present. Adult swims are called at the discretion of staff and most often on weekends.
    • A short blast – indicates that a violation of a pool rule has occurred and the lifeguard will warn the person breaking a rule.
  • The following conditions will result in closure of the pool and tennis courts:
    • LIGHTNING – Automatic 30min closure following each observation.
    • THUNDER – Automatic 30min closure from the time thunder is last heard.
    • RAIN – If hard enough that lifeguards cannot see the pool bottom clearly.
    • TEMPERATURE – If the air temperatures fall below 70 degrees, management has the discretion to close the pool.
    • POOL CONTAMINATION – Should any condition result in pool water contamination or extreme chemical reaction, the pool may be closed for a period determined by the pool management in line with Wake County health code standards.

The lifeguards and pool managers are authorized to clear the pool, pool decks, tennis courts and club grounds whenever dangerous conditions exist. Members are requested to follow any announced procedures.

  • Lifeguards will take action when the following activities are observed:
    • Pushing anyone into the pool from the pool deck
    • Horseplay – pushing, shoving, dunking, rowdy behavior, shoulder rides
    • More than one bounce on the springboard
    • Food or drink in the swimming pool
    • For the protection of others, throwing hard balls in the pool is prohibited. Nerf balls may be allowed on less crowded days.
    • A lap lane or two may be available at certain times of the day. All members are asked to refrain from cutting through these lanes.
    • Playing on ladders or the pool stairs;
  • Diving into the main pool is prohibited except in the 12ft diving well or when being directed by a swim or dive coach. Starting blocks are for the use of swim team members only. Diving well rules include:
    • One person on the board at a time
    • One bounce only prior to your dive
    • Leave the board toward the middle of the well
    • Swimming in the area adjacent to the diving board is permitted but swimmers must refrain from swimming too close to the diving board area.
    • The deep end safety rope should only be used if swimmers need assistance.
    • Upon completion of a dive, swimmers should exit at the ladder nearest to them. The next person in line should wait until the previous diver has reached the ladder before taking their turn.
    • Adults are not allowed to catch young swimmers jumping from the board. Northbrook swim instructors are permitted to do so.
  • Use of the following items requires the permission of the lifeguard on duty:
    • Face masks
    • Snorkels
    • Swim fins
    • Noodles
    • Kickboards
    • Swim fins
    • Flotation objects such as rafts, inner tubes, etc. UNLESS a member or guest needs a flotation device due to a documented disability. 
    • Toys that could be considered to be a nuisance to others. Some toys are available to small children using the wading pool. Please do not allow children to place these in the skimmer box at the deep end of the wading pool. This can result in a pool shutdown if the plumbing gets clogged.
  • Lane ropes, skimmer lids, and other pool fixtures should only be adjusted by pool staff.
  • Any behavior inconsistent with our mission and values should be reported to the manager or board member immediately.


  • Members use the tennis courts at their own risk. Tennis courts may be slippery when wet. Tennis court rollers are provided for drying the courts.
  • Proper tennis attire is required at all times. Only tennis shoes are allowed on the courts during play (no black soled shoes or bare feet).
  • No food, beverages or glass is allowed on the courts. However, water and sports drinks are permitted in plastic water bottles.
  • No pets, bicycles, skateboards or other play toys with wheels are permitted. These items can tear up and deface the playing surface.
  • Courts are for the use of members and their guests only. Access during the operating hours will be through the main pool gate. Access before and after operating hours will be through the entrance from the staff parking area.
  • Please do not abuse the tennis nets or other tennis equipment provided.
  • Play is limited to one hour when others are waiting.
  • Northbrook team play and scheduled lessons have priority over recreational play. Adult play has priority on weekends.
  • Court hours are from 7:30am-11:00pm.
    Lights are available for play after dark and are switched on by a switch just inside the staff parking entrance. Please turn lights off if you are the last to leave.
  • Please return court rollers to their location on the fence after use.
  • Tennis courts shall be cleared during inclement weather events. During the summer months, if the pool is cleared by staff, all play shall cease on the tennis courts as well and all present should seek shelter.
  • Please remember tennis court etiquette and display good sportsmanship at all times.


Monthly Board Meetings
Meetings of the Board of Directors are held monthly on second Sundays at 7pm in the Northbrook Clubhouse, unless otherwise communicated. Board meetings are open to all members. Board elections are held at the October meeting.

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